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Commemorative coins

Volume of issue
Nr. Issuing countrySubject of commemoration Date of issueBUProofDetails
CC. 229EstoniaThe 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Estonian chess grandmaster Paul Keres08.01.2016500.0000
CC. 230Austria200 years of Oesterreichische Nationalbank18.01.201615.990.00010.000
CC. 231Ireland100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland20.01.20164.476.00024.000
CC. 232France2016 UEFA European Championship05.02.201610.010.00010.000
CC. 233GermanySaxony " Zwinger Palace in Dresden " 05.02.201630.000.0000*
CC. 235SpainSegovia29.02.20164.000.0000
CC. 236SlovakiaThe first Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union07.03.2016999.0001.000
CC. 237BelgiumOlympic Games24.03.2016360.00015.000
CC. 238San Marino550th anniversary of the death of Donatello05.04.201685.0000
CC. 239FinlandThe Finnish writer and lyricist Eino Leino25.04.2016989.00011.000
CC. 240LithuaniaThe Baltic culture03.05.20161.000.0000
CC. 241PortugalPortuguese Team participating in the Olympic Games — Rio 201603.05.2016660.00010.000
CC. 242LuxembourgThe 50th anniversary of the bridge ‘Grand Duchess Charlotte’12.05.2016500.0000
CC. ---BelgiumInternational Missing Children’s Day25.05.20161.020.0000*
CC. ---Italy550th Anniversary of the death of Donatello---.05.20161.515.0006.000*
CC. ---Italy2200. anniversary of the death of Tito Maccio Plautus---.05.20161.500.0000*
CC. ---MonacoThe 150th anniversary of the foundation of Monte Carlo by Charles III01.06.2016015.000
CC. ---Vatican200th anniversary of the Gendarmerie Corps of Vatican City State02.06.201695.00010.000*
CC. ---LatviaLatvian agricultural industry---.06.20161.010.0000*
CC. ---SloveniaThe 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Slovenia---.06.2016995.0005.000*
CC. ---MaltaĠgantija---.07.2016410.0000*
CC. ---Portugal50 years of the first bridge uniting the two riverbanks of the Tejo River---.07.2016510.00010.000*
CC. ---FranceFrançois Mitterrand12.09.201610.000.0000*
CC. ---San Marino400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare---.09.201685.0000*
CC. ---FinlandThe 100th anniversary of the birth of philosopher Georg Henrik von Wright---.10.20161.000.0000*
CC. ---VaticanThe Holy Year of Mercy---.10.2016105.0000*
CC. ---LatviaVidzeme---.11.20161.030.0000*
CC. ---MaltaThe love---.11.2016380.0000*
CC. ---Greece150th anniversary of the Holocaust at the Monastery of Arkadi ---.---.2016748.5001.500*
CC. ---Greece120th anniversary of the birth of Dimitri Mitropoulos---.---.2016748.5001.500*
*provisional count

CC. 229 . EstoniaCC. 230 . AustriaCC. 231 . IrelandCC. 232 . FranceCC. 233 . GermanyCC. 235 . Spain
CC. 236 . SlovakiaCC. 237 . BelgiumCC. 238 . San MarinoCC. 239 . FinlandCC. 240 . LithuaniaCC. 241 . Portugal
CC. 242 . LuxembourgCC. --- . BelgiumCC. --- . ItalyCC. --- . ItalyCC. --- . MonacoCC. --- . Vatican
LatviaSloveniaMaltaPortugalFranceSan Marino
CC. --- . LatviaCC. --- . SloveniaCC. --- . MaltaCC. --- . PortugalCC. --- . FranceCC. --- . San Marino
CC. --- . FinlandCC. --- . VaticanCC. --- . LatviaCC. --- . MaltaCC. --- . GreeceCC. --- . Greece